Friday, January 18, 2013

i heart coffee

Do you? I really get a thrill out of going to Starbucks or getting a cup of coffee when we go out to brunch on the weekends.

Every morning, I enjoy that cup of coffee. I grab my k-cup flavor of the morning and pop that sucker in. I normally try to enjoy my cup when my little man is down for his nap, but now that morning naps are starting later and later, I have to have my cup when he's up. But when 3pm rolls around, the Keurig is a brewing my cup of choice! I love it.

Do you own a Keurig? What are your favorite k-cups? We have a local coffee k-cup superstore that I shop frequently. They have EVERYTHING and are always great on advice on ones to try. They also let you buy the singles, which is nice. You no longer have to buy just a box and find out later how much you don't enjoy it.

I enjoy more of the light, flavored coffees like Donut House's Chocolate Covered Donut, Gloria Jeans Macadamia Cookie and any hazelnut flavors. My husband, however, enjoys the more bold, richer flavors. I'm always looking for something new to try. What do you recommend?


  1. For some reason I think I've seen this before. LOL.