Saturday, January 12, 2013

biting and screaming? oh my!

My sweet, adorable baby boy has begun something new. And it's not so sweet and adorable; biting and screaming. He mainly bites me out of frustration, and he mainly screams when he's in his highchair and is wanting me to hurry up and give him food.

I'm at a loss at how to handle this. The pediatrician gave me one tip when he's screaming and biting. Well, we've tried that several times today, and all he does is look at me and laugh.  The biting is another thing. He is currently cutting his 1 year molars, so the pediatrician just thinks he's beside himself with his mouth not feeling well. I guess my next step is time outs. It's hard to do time outs sometimes especially when it's nap time.

So for you BTDT mommas, what did you do? He's 12 months old and just as cute as can be, but I feel this is something I need to nip in the bud, especially so he's not biting other kids at church and MOPs.

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  1. Good luck with the time outs! At that age we ignored. Literally turned our backs. Kept turning if they walked/crawled around. Also, said NO. If A is anything like Bird, he won't like to be ignored! Good Luck! Figure out discipline before he can talk! Hahaha